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The London Waldorf Seminar

Steiner education teacher training

The London Waldorf Seminar offers a two year, part-time Steiner Waldorf teacher training course in the UK, at Rudolf Steiner House, near Baker Street station, in central London NW1.

Steiner teacher TrainingThe Seminar’s academic year runs from September to July, in three terms, with short breaks at Christmas and Easter and a week-long Summer School at the end of the first year, and a three-day conference at the end of the second year. The Summer School and Conference take place off-site.

Sessions are held from 9am to 5pm every Saturday during term time.

This course has evolved over more than 30 years to include a balance of artistic activities and curriculum study, with a view to developing the qualities and faculties every teacher needs; an awareness of the developmental needs of children at each age, and of individual children at any age, and the confidence, resources and skills to meet those needs in a creative and living way.

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Because the course is part time and takes place on Saturdays, it can be fitted around work and family commitments and so attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds. Current students include people already teaching in Steiner Waldorf schools and in the state system, parents, PGCE students and professional people who are looking for a change of direction.

Graduates of the course have gone on to teach successfully in all areas of Lower and Upper School as well as in Kindergartens and Playgroups, mostly in the UK, but increasingly all over the world. Some have also chosen to stay in state education and use what they have learned on the course to enrich their work there. However, it should be noted that the London Waldorf Seminar does not offer a state recognised teaching qualification.